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Bride and Groom


Hopefully we've answered any questions you may have, if not, just give us a shout! 

  • Will you film our ceremony and speeches?
    Your full ceremony and speeches are included with audio at no extra cost in our Featurette and Feature Film packages. Even if you choose our Highlights Package, we will still film your ceremony and speeches in full and you can decide at a later date if you’d like to add them to your package.
  • Can I get a quote?
    Sure! Please fill in the form below and we’ll get right back to you! If you’d prefer to chat over WhatsApp or over the phone, please add us on +4475 4025 1374. We pride ourselves on our hassle-free, relaxed nature and 24/7 business hours. We’ll never pester you for an answer or try to sell you anything.
  • What equipment do you use?
    We use the latest and greatest 4K cameras and drones to capture your wedding in as much stunning detail as possible. We combine this with the best audio equipment available on the market to ensure we never miss a moment of your vows, speeches, or ceremony. We know there are no ‘second takes’ at a wedding, that’s why we ensure we have backups of every single part of your day should something happen to a camera or memory card. These backups are stored in different locations in order to completely protect your footage from the worst.
  • Can you fly drones?
    Our drone pilots are fully licensed and insured by the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) & IAA (Irish Aviation Authority) to fly commercially in the North & South of Ireland for nearly 10 years. This allows us to capture stunning aerial footage of your wedding 100% legally and safely unlike many other photographers and videographers in the industry. We are the go-to operators for CineCopters, the biggest drone filming company in Ireland. To see some of our professional aerial work click the link above.
  • Do you need a deposit?
    We require a deposit of 30% of whichever package you choose to secure your date in our diary. (This is non-refundable under most circumstances). We require the full amount paid 2 weeks before your wedding day. This may vary depending on your payment method or plan.
  • When do we get to see it!
    As soon as we get back from your wedding, our main priority is to send you your finished film as fast as we can. Please allow up to 12 weeks, however, we usually have it ready for you long before that. We keep you completely up to date throughout the whole process.
  • What do you film on our wedding day?
    We always have 2 filmmakers at every wedding. This allows us to simultaneously film you and your partner as you get ready first thing in the morning, throughout your ceremony, during your speeches, and right through to your reception. We usually take you aside for a short time after your ceremony to capture your first few moments as a married couple! We never miss a moment.
  • Can we choose the music?
    We’re very open and welcome to your music suggestions, however, legally we have to be able to license whichever songs we use in your final film. We’ll always do our best to make the music personal to you.
  • Do you charge for travel?
    We only charge for travel if you prep or venue is 15 miles or more from Belfast. For anywhere further or for destination weddings, a small fee may apply depending on the location. Just ask!
  • Do you offer payment plans?
    Of course. We know first hand how expensive weddings can be. That’s why we try to help spread the cost as much as possible. We can tailor these plans to your needs with 0% interest guaranteed. Please don’t hesitate to ask for an example.
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